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Melva International Ltd is a woman-led business incorporated in Tanzania with certificate of incorporation No. 79456 under the Companies Act No 12 of 2002, Cap. 212 headquartered in Dar es Salaam. We have competent and skilled team experienced in debt collection and auctioneering services which we operates under license from the Ministry of Finance and
Remuneration Melva International Ltd. will work closely with The Client to reach the most suitable salary structure that is compliant with the salary grades. This service will enable The Client to achieve the following: To reward employee’s past performance To remain competitive in the labor market To maintain salary equity among employees To match employees'
Training Melva International Ltd will work with the client in implementing the four phases of training as follows: Needs Assessments Organizational analysis Task analysis Employee analysis Design   Instructional objectives Trainee readiness Learning principles Implementation On-the-job methods Off-the-job methods   Management development Evaluation Reactions Learning Behavior Results Career Development Melva Internatinal Ltd will set the
Melva International Ltd. will aid the Client in assessing their organizational strategic objectives with their operational objectives. Staff Performance Appraisal System” is a management tool for establishing the extent to which set targets within the overall goals of an organization are achieved. Through Staff Appraisal, performance gaps and development needs of an individual employee are
Melva International Ltd. provide data collection services as well. We collect vast amounts of data through a standardized process. It is fairly common for a Research Plan to be divided into two stages: The first stage is where we start with the research question, go through what others have done, modify our own research question(s)
Melva International Ltd. works together with clients in terms of Capacity Building Development in an organization in the following area: Organization tailor-made training Education and Training Technical assistance and exchange of knowledge Promoting training and Organizational Development how can we help you? Contact us at the Melva International Ltd office at Msasani tower opposite CCBRT
Melva International Ltd. will undertake the recruiting and selection process. This can be as an integrated joint service or a completely outsourced one. This service involves the following tasks: a. Identify the staffing management system for the organization. The staffing management system will perform the following functionality: Track all application information Scanning resumes Making the
Melva International,  plans and runs every type of corporate event carefully, creatively, and meticulously. We specialize exclusively in outdoor event delivery and provide a ground-up approach to ensure any artistic activity is kept as part of the event program. Corporate event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, preparing the
Melva International Ltd. works on assessing the effectiveness of the Human Resources function and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our organization has experience working with many clients on the subject matter. There’s an advantage to having the audit conducted by an external consultant. Because the external consultant has fewer biases about the organization and has a less
how can we help you? Contact us at the Melva International Ltd office at Msasani tower opposite CCBRT Hospital. Contacts Melva International conducts the following human resources training programs: Strategic human resources program Supports organization performing orientation, training, and development Fundamentals of compensation How to develop effective training How to perform a Job analysis Performance
how can we help you? Contact us at the Melva International Ltd office at Msasani tower opposite CCBRT Hospital. Contacts The employment verification process is one of the basic functions that Melva International Ltd. performs. This process involves the following tasks: Melva International Ltd. will give the organization soft and/or hard copies of the new
Melva International Ltd. works hand in hand with the Client to plan for the organization’s human resources. Several tasks are involved in the process: We establish the human resource management system that will help the organization to monitor its Human Resource activities We identify and develop documents or handbooks for different Human Resource processes that
Melva International Ltd. works hand in hand with the client to analyze the organization’s jobs and design them to achieve the organization’s objective and at the same time tends to satisfy the needs of the employees who will perform such duties. We do this in this way: We determine the requirements for every post in