About Us

Melva International Limited is a company that caters to the needs of its clients.

We tend to work hand in hand with our clients so as to accelerate the readiness level to implement Human Resources Management Systems. We do this with the following tactics:

  • We carefully study the organization and understand the organization’s objectives.
  • We examine trends in conjunction with crucial aspects eg. and key success factors.
  • We assess and develop different methodologies.
  • We use the necessary tools of implementation to achieve the desired goal.

We strive to be unique, and credible and provide impeccable service to our clients. How we do this, is through a focused business model with a specialized management consultancy service.

Melva International Limited has a team of professional consultants and trainers who value and embrace talents, leadership, professionalism, and integrity. The management team is readily available to offer a range of HR services upon requisition. We are proud to have a competent, skilled, and dynamic team of experts who provide our clients with superior human capital development services presented in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We co-operate with local and international experts and technical specialists where needed. Our policy is to offer flexible consultancy through a network of companies.

Our mission

To work with clients to provide a highly motivated and competent human resource for sustainable growth of the organization and hence better performance.

Our vision

Looking for a First-Class HR Consultancy?