Employment Verification Process

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The employment verification process is one of the basic functions that Melva International Ltd. performs. This process involves the following tasks:

Melva International Ltd. will give the organization soft and/or hard copies of the new employee demographics/bio-data and the Employment Information sections of each job applicant. Melva International Ltd. need not know the job information and terms due to its confidential nature.

The Employment Information sections of each applicant should be complete with all the required employment status, addresses, previous jobs, and relevant HR contacts, etc.

Melva International Ltd. will also provide the organization with an identification letter stating our business with the current and/or previous employers. Armed with the letter of introduction, the organization and its employees will:

  • Verify the job applicant’s last level of education achieved as stated in the employment/job applications.
  • We will check and verify whether the job applicant actually attended and graduated from the institution claimed in the CV by crosschecking with the applicable institutions e.g. schools, examinations boards, etc
  • Verify last employer details and the last two (2) jobs/positions held.
  • Verify the residence information as provided in the application by cross-checking with the local government authority to verify the residency information (assuming that the organization collects the physical residential addresses of all applicants).
  • Wherever possible an official stamp will be sought to confirm the validity of the information in both cases (HR and local government authority).
  • A criminal check with the police and confirm with the organization.
  • And the most important an employee evaluation from the previous employer will be sought and will form part of the employee verification whenever provided by the previous employers.

All of the above will be conducted in a highly confidential manner.
Melva International Ltd. will submit to Organization the completed verification in the agreed format, whether soft or hard copies or both, via the organization’s offices.

Melva International Ltd. will make sure that it completes the employment verification as accurately as possible.

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