Human Resources Planning

Melva International Ltd. works hand in hand with the Client to plan for the organization’s human resources. Several tasks are involved in the process:

  • We establish the human resource management system that will help the organization to monitor its Human Resource activities
  • We identify and develop documents or handbooks for different Human Resource processes that will guide all the activities in the organization
  • Work hand in hand with the new organization in the country that did not have an HR team to build the new team and provide true value-adding solutions to human capital needs
  • To acknowledge the right number and kinds of employees required to make sure a certain business plan or organization’s strategic objectives are met
  • To identify and initiate programs needed to develop organizational capabilities upon which future strategies can be built
  • To predict demand for labor, performing supply analysis and balancing supply and demand consideration
  • Lobbying and Advocacy. Advocacy is a process designed to affect social change and lobbying is a term that includes activities of influencing the decision-makers, both political and all other decisions for which the community or individuals are concerned about
  • We assist in outsourcing activities so that our clients can focus on core business activities
  • HR Services and Processes – One-stop advice, support

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Melva International Ltd office at Msasani tower opposite CCBRT Hospital.

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