Who is Melva International?

Tanzania is currently undergoing a remarkable economic transformation and industrialization development. There is an unprecedented demand for a skilled workforce across all sectors.

Many organizations are pressed to find a competent workforce and reliable suppliers. They must, therefore, strategize to cope with cost-effective management, increased workplace productivity, and overall better utilization of resources. This is especially so for the growing extractive industry and infrastructure sector.

Statistics here in Tanzania show that there is a high rate of unemployment and mostly youth unemployment. According to NBS, youth unemployment, i.e. between 15 and 34 years old, is 13.4%, including both females and males.

Now, annually it is estimated that over 800,000 young men and women enter the labor market, these include school and college graduates and people who have migrated from rural areas to urban areas.

Many reasons attest to these high and increasing data for youth unemployment but most have been attested to most youth not having enough skills required in the labor market.

Melva will address these training needs by conducting a series of workshops and training sessions in Tanzania to facilitate and train youth to become effective and competitive in the labor market.

Tanzania needs all the help it can get to develop and deploy a skilled workforce of job-seekers and entrepreneurs, especially in high-demand sectors such as the extractives industry. This urgent intervention for skills development and capacity building is necessary to maintain the momentum of rapid economic transformation and industrialization.

As a nation the big question to ask is why large numbers of University graduates go jobless for months or even years, while labor complains of a lack of skilled workers; and how can the Universities assist in training skilled business graduates for the Tanzania economy?

Apparently, there are 106 Universities / Colleges in Tanzania. Following a brief study on the challenges of unemployment for most of our students in the job market within and outside the country, it was found that most students lack career guidance from the initial stage which leads to the wrong career path while joining college.

The team intends to navigate youth groups through interactive seminars from their current status quo, so that they can recognize themselves, and realize their talents, interest, and abilities while building their confidence to be assertive and to dare.

The ultimate goal is for youth to acquire the followings;

  • Employability skills for those who are looking for employment
  • Entrepreneurship skills for those who are considering being self-employed and
  • Essential techniques are necessary to harness the best of the existing opportunities both in the local and international platforms.

And that’s where Melva International comes in.

So Who is Melva International?

Melva International Limited is a Tanzanian management consulting services company specializing in Human Capital Development. Melva presents a broad range of services in the areas of organizational development, management development, and human resources management.

The Company works in partnership with both public and private sectors to manage change and enhance human capital performance.

Melva International Ltd is registered in Tanzania as a limited liability company.

Management Team

Melva International Limited has a team of professional consultants and trainers who value and embrace talents, leadership, professionalism, and integrity. The management teams are readily available to offer a range of HR services upon requisition.

We are proud to have a competent, skilled, and dynamic team of experts who provide our clients with superior human capital development services presented in a timely and cost-effective manner.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Melva International Ltd office at Msasani tower opposite CCBRT Hospital.

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